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What’s different about writing in summer as opposed to any other time of the year?

In my world, the difference lies in the host of other activities and jobs calling to me. Not only must I maintain my house and feed my family, but I have a small garden and a huge yard to manage. And a family reunion at our place. And visits from neighbors and friends. And one must take time for hot dogs and BBQs and ice cream cones. IMG_1196

Yesterday, for example (August 24), I planned to continue working the latest edits into my manuscript. But first, I wanted to pull the invasive weeds overwhelming my garden plot. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or so, I thought. Three hours later, I returned to the house, amazed at how much time had passed but glad to have the job done. I had so enjoyed the morning outside that I decided to cut the grass after lunch. It’s a 2.5-hour job, but since rain was predicted, I thought it prudent. The grass looks lovely today in the rain. IMG_0270

Today I’m back at the computer, but writing-life housekeeping chores take much of my morning. And this afternoon I need to attend my writing group meeting, since we are discussing my latest manuscript.


And that’s how summer goes. But there’s also Christmas, preparing for the family to come home en masse. And Easter, when they do the same…we are so blessed. There are many interruptions in life, but maybe I’m looking at it from a completely skewed perspective. Maybe life IS the interruptions. Maybe my writing is the commentary I fit in as often as I can. I call it my vocation, my career, my job. But it will always be a balancing act with what happens off the page.

Me with my mom and one of my daughters

Me with my mom and one of my daughters

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