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I discovered these beautiful yellow violas in the crack between the sidewalk and the siding of our house. I didn’t plant them, at least not there. They must have blown over from my flowerbed, where they don’t grow nearly as well.My Violas

Some flowers, it seems, thrive on neglect and drought. They simply bloom where they find themselves and cheer the hearts of those who see them.

These days we are bombarded by acquisition. Having the best. Seeking to promote ourselves. Keeping up with or surpassing the “Joneses.”

“You deserve a break today.”

“Don’t you deserve the best?”

“Treat yourself.”

“You’re worth it.”

But that’s not the message the Bible offers. Our worth is found in our Creator, in the Author of our lifestories. We deserve death, but in His mercy, He saves us. By His grace, He grants us life and purpose and joy.

Our response? Look to the violas. Be content where we find ourselves. Be thankful for what we have, not demanding or expecting more. Persevere against all odds because the One who called us is faithful. And smile into the lives of those we come across. This is our means of worship.

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