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Julius Saturnius stands guard in the heat of a Jericho day, but he doesn’t mind because he’s waiting for another glimpse of the beautiful young Jewish girl he’s seen at the well.

Miriam doesn’t want to admit even to herself that she’s attracted to the handsome Roman centurion; after all, Rome is the enemy and she should not even look at him.

Through increasingly tense circumstances, Julius and Miriam become acquainted, but what can ever come of an attraction between a Jew and a Gentile? The impossibilities mount up into a high wall that separates them with faint hope of every being broken through. What Miriam doesn’t realize it that Julius knows her secret, and the Lord God knows the secrets of both their hearts.the Roman's Quest

This well-written story is set in the time the Romans ruled over the Jews, and the author has obviously gone to great lengths to research and depict the setting accurately. The characters are real and easy to identify with, and the plot leads the reader ever deeper into the impossible love story with each page. The Roman’s Quest is a sweet romance set in dismal and dangerous times, but where God is involved, miracles can still happen.

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