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Christmas is certainly a time of year to give thanks. There are so many things that come to mind I’m almost overwhelmed. So I’ll begin with one and see where it takes me.

file9801290978539I’m thankful first and foremost for Jesus, who is the Christ in “Christ”mas, as well as my Lord.

I’m thankful for my family and friends, with whom I can celebrate the birth of the King.



I’m thankful for the music of the season, both what I listen to and what I enjoy singing as a member of our community choir.

St. Peter's Chorus

St. Peter’s Chorus

I’m thankful for a warm home, because in my corner of the world, Christmas can be a cold time of year.

I’m thankful for snow that covers up the deadness of autumn’s end.file0001150364158

I’m thankful for a break in the middle of winter.

I’m thankful that we’re looking at a new chapter of life in the next month, a fresh start, a new calendar year.

I’m thankful that I can write these things, not only for your sake, but as a reminder to myself about how blessed I am.

I’m thankful for the memory of my dad, who, although he’s been gone for twenty-one Christmases (he passed away December 10, 1994), will be remembered with love and fondness throughout the year but especially at this time.

I hope you have all enjoyed a blessed Christmas season and I wish you a joyous and exciting new year.

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Today I’m thankful for fall. That’s an interesting statement considering the fact that I don’t especially like winter, and fall is the signal that the cold months are coming. But I’ve decided not to allow the threat of winter to rob me of the joy of autumn.

It’s been a fine, albeit busy, summer with lots of heat, a fair amount of rain, and happy flowers, trees, crops and grass. We’re still mowing our lawn in the latter half of September, which is very unusual. Everything is still green except the elms, which are staring to turn, and the green ash trees, which are a gorgeous, deep yellow. Since we haven’t experienced a killing frost yet, most of the leaves are still clinging to their branches.

photoMy dear mother, who is an alert 92 ½ years of age (how very thankful I am for her), encourages me to embrace every phase of life, and I think that should be true for the seasons as well. I will let the delicious autumn colors, clean air, lack of bugs and mellow weather surround and bless me. Then I will welcome winter as a break from yard work, from the busyness of the summer, and embrace it’s cold from the confines of my warm home. A time of relative peace and rest.view to east

Which leads me to the fact that I am extremely thankful for my home,



for the warmth I experience there, both physically and emotionally,

for the security we are blessed with in our country (Let’s pray for our leaders, especially as we head toward the election.),

for family and friends that make my life so rich,

for my church family and pastors that continually bless, support and teach me the truth of the Word of God (Did I mention our small group? What a joy to be part of that collection of friends),

for work and inspiration and connections and situations that take me outside my comfortable existence from time to time.

But most of all, I’m thankful to God that He’s given me the opportunity to live and love through Him because of what Jesus Christ has done for me by willingly taking the burden of sin and replacing it with forgiveness and unimaginable freedom and peace.

A friend on Facebook recently quoted: “If you have a pulse, you have a purpose.” I’m thankful to say that the One who keeps my heart beating also oversees and guides my purpose in this life.

Happy Fall! Be thankful every day, not just on that long weekend in October.


Note: I’m also thankful for the terrific photo site called www.morguefile.com, where I find so many of these pictures. “You are allowed to copy, distribute, transmit the work and to adapt the work. Attribution is not required. You are prohibited from using this work in a stand alone manner.”

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Another fifth Tuesday means another list of things to be thankful for. I’m purposely not looking back to the last fifth Tuesday, so there may be some repetition, but thankfulness cannot be overstated.

IMG_0260As a resident of a cold climate country, I am extremely thankful for the warm seasons.

I am thankful for the blazing sun and the brilliant blue skies.

I am thankful for the robins that begin their day at 3:22 a.m. by waking the wrens that wake the sparrows, etc. I’d be happy to let the magpies sleep, but they wake up too.

I am thankful for fresh air and the opportunity to work in the yard and garden. It’s a short season.

I am thankful for flowers. My perennials are flourishing, I’ve transplanted some of them, and the few annuals I planted seem to be doing fine. The garden germinated poorly, but what’s up looks great. The poor germination makes me thankful for grocery stores to buy what I don’t grow.My Violas

I am thankful for long hours of daylight as we approach the longest day of the year this coming weekend. I rather dread the decline in daylight hours after that, but for now, I’ll enjoy long evenings to work or to sit and enjoy the yard.

I am always and ever thankful for stories. I read continuously: e-books on my iPhone (haven’t yet justified an iPad), audiobooks on the iPhone or iPod, and print books from the library or the bookseller. To repeat a well-known phrase: there’s no such thing as too many books.

I am thankful for health and strength to do the things I love to do, for joy in the company of family and friends, and the contentment in long hours alone creating my own stories.

I am thankful for faith, which is a gift from God, and for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that gives me purpose, joy and hope.

I am thankful for the technology available to share these thoughts with you, and I wish you joy.

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