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“The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.”

—Wayne Dick, my ever-patient and supportive husband

 (who may not be the originator of this quote)


Last month I was full news about my new self-publishing imprint, acquiring a graphic artist for my covers, and updating my author photo. Among other things.

I haven’t made any giant leaps during the course of February, but I’m very happy with the latest cover proof, so that is a tremendous relief. I think that project went smoothly. Once I’ve finalized it, I’ll let you see the cover I’ve chosen.

The next step is to review my back cover copy, snag an ISBN and barcode (for which I’ve already acquired access through Library and Archives Canada), and get that onto the back of the cover.

I have opened an account with CreateSpace for the print copy of my book(s), and I will load the manuscript into that as soon as the cover is ready. Although, I could do that anytime and revisit when the cover is secured.

In my research, I’ve discovered that although CreateSpace is fine for my paperback books, I will need to use Kindle Direct Publishing for my digital copies. So I will need to create an account with KDP shortly. Please feel free to keep me accountable on what I’ve proposed to do this month.

A lot of time has gone into SEO—Search Engine Optimization— research this past month. I’ve discovered that it’s supremely important to study the genres and sub-genres in order to find the ones with the maximum leverage. I need to study genres used by books similar to mine and how well they are selling. I need to create not only keywords but keyphrases in order to optimize the sales potential. I’ve just taken a free online course by C.S. Lakin of LiveWriteThrive, which has been an informative and encouraging experience. Lakin is also offering a more in-depth course which can be accessed through her website.

Today I attempted to create an email list from my website/blog signup list. After bouncing back and forth from one to another of about eight open google sites, I closed the whole thing down in favor of maintaining my sanity for another day. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow when the little gray cells are rested. I’m a lateral thinker, so when every option opens to a dozen more options, I become quickly disoriented.

If you’d care to pray for me on this journey, I’d appreciate it. If you’ve walked this way before me, you will understand. If you are a step or two behind me, keep tracking. It’s a fantastic adventure. Keep in touch.

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