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Donna Gartshore’s Love Inspired novel, Instant Father, is sweet, strongly principled and spiritually spot-on, a romance with depth.

Charlotte Connelly, an elementary teacher in a small town near Regina, SK, has always wanted to make her own decisions about life, so she submits her resume for overseas mission work. Meanwhile, she meets the uncle/guardian of one of her students and begins to care about both of them more than she expects to.

Paul Belvedere has become the guardian of his sister’s son, left an orphan after a fatal accident. He meets Tyson’s teacher, but resolves not to be influenced in spite of her obvious care for his nephew.

Will Charlotte and Paul develop enough trust between them to share long-held secrets that have negatively impacted the quality of their lives? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that continue to spring up between them?

Friend and fellow author, Donna Gartshore, has crafted a lovely romance that addresses various themes including hearing the call of God, dealing with grief as an adult and as a child, literacy, mission work, and friendships, to name a few. She creates well-rounded, believable characters and a plot filled with tension and twists. Well worth the read and 5 stars!

Donna Gartshore

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