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(NOTE: Possibly some early-story spoilers.)

I found Home Front to be a riveting novel about hopes, failures and new beginnings. A wife and mother is deployed to Iran, where her helicopter is shot down. While she’s away, her husband realizes what she means to him, but when she returns home broken in many ways, they must learn to cope or lose everything they’ve lived for.

This novel reaches into lives torn by war, separation and marital conflict. It also focuses on the reality of PTSD and how it affects the victim, the family, and others around them.

I am neither American nor military-minded, but I believe this novel is important for the reasons stated, and readable because of the skill of the author in presenting real characters who are far from perfect, who disappoint themselves and others, who don’t have the resources to fight their problems on their own.

Home Front is a novel of struggle and hope, an excellent read/listen.

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