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I have a dear friend who publishes a column every Monday. The contents are as varied as life circumstances, and these posts always bless me. Since this one follows a Christmas theme, I asked Linda’s permission to repost it on my blog. Photo - Press

First, let me tell you a little about Linda. She is a published author, columnist, motivational speaker and workshop presenter. She has earned her bread and butter for many years as a professional business writer and has gained much wisdom regarding business management and professional editing skills. I’m primarily a reader of fiction, but I offered to read and review her non-fiction book 3D Success – Changing Careers in Mid-Life, and was greatly inspired and motivated by this excellent book. Please check it out after you’ve read Linda’s column. Also, note her contact info at the bottom of the page.3D Success


by Linda Wegner

As reported in the first edition of Christ’s News [1] publication, Jesus, son of Mary and step-son of Nazareth-based carpenter Joseph, began receiving unusual gifts just weeks after He was born. At that time Eastern Magi brought symbolic offerings of frankincense, myrrh and gold to Bethlehem were He was born. Now approximately thirty years later, another outstanding example of the generosity of His followers has been reported.

According to reporters covering the story, an estimated five thousand people gathered on a local hillside to hear this One who called Himself the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. That’s when a young boy was seen handing his lunch bag to Christ’s followers.

In what proved to be an extraordinarily attentive audience, attendees sat and listened for hours; some reports said it was only the physical need for food that interrupted their concentration. Apparently as conscious of their bodily requirements as their spiritual longings, this One called Jesus instructed his key disciples to provide food for the crowd.

Upon informing Him that there were insufficient funds to carry out that task, they continued to protest. “Even if we worked for months we’d never be able to earn enough to feed this crowd!

That’s where the commendable generosity of that unidentified young boy comes in. Although members of the Teacher’s administrative assistants, commonly known as disciples, acknowledged the donation, they quickly pointed out that in the face of the circumstances not much could be done with five barley loaves and two fishes.

Even eye witness accounts defy explanation as to what happened next: after a simple prayer, those same disciples were seen distributing baskets of food. Following a feast of bread and fish, conservationists were pleased to report that twelve baskets of leftovers were gathered.

Our question: Is any gift too small to be used by this Master?

[1] Fictitious title of publication used in this article

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