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BOOK REVIEW: In-Between by Jenny B. Jones

51CQ5BF5TXL._AA324_PIkin4,BottomRight,-54,22_AA346_SH20_OU15_How can a social misfit find a place in a perfect family? That’s what sixteen-year old Katie Parker wants to know when she is taken from the orphanage to live with a pastor’s family in “In Between.”

Although this book is written for young adults, it appealed to me. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know this crazy, insecure kid named Katie Parker. The story started a bit slow, but I stuck with it and I’m glad I did. Katie, an almost-orphan (her mom is in jail for dealing and she doesn’t know her dad), is endearing in her determination to survive this life by using bravado and sassy humor. She moves from one mishap to another until finally finding something that starts to bring her out of her lostness. Something of an Anne of Green Gables theme but captivating in its contemporary setting.

One character is as quirky as the next in this easy-to-read book, and they grow on you. But in the midst of the eccentricities, real life problems loom and secrets are revealed. Can faith really have an impact on life? And will Katie really be able to survive the antics of her foster grandmother, a former showgirl?

I would recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humor, and to teens especially, because of its witty comments and honest outlook on life.

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