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“The time has come,” the Writer said,

“To learn of many things:

Of logos—and covers—and marketing plans—

For Indie Publishing.”

(with apologies to Lewis Carroll fans everywhere)

I’ve been thinking about independent publishing for months, perhaps years, but have so far been unable to move beyond the thought stage. How can I stop “getting ready to get ready” and forge ahead? What’s stopping me?phone call


Fear of missing something.

Where do I begin this journey? What must be in place before I start? What if I miss an important step? I’m an organized thinker, so I need all my ducks in a row before I begin. What if I cut the ties to traditional publishing and am left hanging?

Reminder: So what if I am left hanging? I can pick myself up and start again. I have many writer friends who have been generously helpful in the past and would no doubt provide encouragement.

Fear of not understanding the process.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to indie: thorough editing, cover design, ISBN procurement, formatting for every device in existence, uploading, permissions. The list is endless.

Reminder: I was blessed to attend the Fall Conference of InScribe Christian Writers Fellowship in Edmonton last September, and took a workshop by Bryan Norford on Independent Publishing. Bryan and his wife are both almost twenty years older than I am, and they are putting out books on CreateSpace all the time. I came away with the encouragement that if they can learn it, so can I, even if I’m not quite as sharp as they are.

Fear of disappointing my readers.

What if I don’t get my books out as soon as people expect them? What if they don’t sell as well as I hoped? What if my digital copy has blips?

Reminder: I’m in this writing business because I believe God has led me here. There will be times I learn from my mistakes—just like many others do—but nothing can keep me from doing a better job next time.

Fear of disappointing God.

This is the only issue that should really concern me. I can learn the ropes. I can ask for help. I can research. I can start again. The only way I will disappoint God is by not trying at all, letting fear paralyze me.

So on with the show. I’ve downloaded plenty of how-to books, I have my notes from Bryan’s workshop, I have indie friends, and the world is open before me. Let the games begin!

As I heard on a radio talk show recently, some of us suffer from “the paralysis of analysis,” and I plan to break the pattern. So I’ll see you back here next second-Tuesday—February 9—to let you know what’s happening.



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