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I love the acronym for Work-in-Progress: WIP. It sounds so snappy, so intense. It isn’t always that way in real life; sometimes the WIP is more like lukewarm soup than hot wings, but we press on.blog-hop-for-writers image

For this 6th post on Ruth Synder’s Blog Hop, we are asked to discuss our current WIP.

1.  I would say the project taking most of my focus right now is my historical novel Other Side of the River, RIVER #5 which is coming out in installments—volumes—as a Kindle or Kobo read. Five volumes are out, four more to go. I wrote this story a couple of years ago, but am now dividing it into segments, each with its own sub-title. The experience is invigorating.

2.  In the back of my mind is the partially completed sequel to River. There are a few things I need to decide soon, such as when to end it. Two books or three?

3.  I recently signed a contract to collaborate with a number of other authors on a historical series, but it hasn’t started yet. I have a Scrivener folder earmarked for this project, so I’m just waiting for the details and the go-ahead.

England Greenbelt 2013 8284.  Besides the historicals, I have a cozy mystery that’s been sitting impatiently on my computer, waiting for publication. I’m currently going through it with my local writing group and loving their helpful suggestions.

5.  I need to include something else in this WIP category, I think. It’s my blogsite. Until late last fall, my website/blogsite was a wasteland hardly anyone ever ventured into. However, due to a push from my publisher, I have been putting much more time, energy and creativity into my site. The results have been good and I’ve discovered that I like to blog. Who knew? The first week of each month I post an inspirational thought, the second week an interview with a fellow author, the third week a review of a book by the aforementioned author, the fourth week a post from my Fiction Writing 101 series. Besides this there are Blog Hop posts such as this one and reposted articles from fellow writers.

6.  One last note: Recently, thoughts came to mind for another historical series. I’ve been planting seeds for this story in my Scrivener folders, and have experienced a couple of sleepless nights this week thinking about all the elements that need to be figured out. Yawn. When I’m not grouchy from lack of sleep, it’s such fun to imagine my way into another place and time.

I’ve so enjoyed this Blog Hop with Ruth and company. Thanks so much, Ruth, for all your work in organizing this effort and to all the other writers who joined in. Maybe we’ll do this again sometime.

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