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This book caught me off-guard. I was expecting a historical tale about a family that lived on the Mississippi River. What I discovered was the devastating story of Georgia Tann’s Tennessee Children’s Home Society and the baby/child trafficking that was so long hidden from the public.

The part about Georgia Tann and her baby business is true. The story itself is a riveting revelation of the terror and helplessness these children could have gone through as they were betrayed into Georgia Tann’s clutches.

The story of the family at the center of the book moves from freedom and happiness to fear, horror and separation. It’s a page-turner in a dark world, and to me, the realization that similar horrors happened to hundreds of children, made it even darker.

I followed up this audio book with an internet search of Georgia Tann and her infamous life, and was stunned by the facts. Some evils take a long time to be uncovered and stopped.

Kudos to Lisa Wingate for finding this story, digging up the facts, and passing them along to fiction readers. A chilling but fascinating read.

Lisa Wingate



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Yet again, I find myself conforming. Adapting as a reader.

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  1. The Problem

I’ve always considered myself a patient reader. In the old days, before digital books came out, I almost always finished reading a book once I started. Now there are so many digital books out there, if one doesn’t suit my expectation or mood at the moment, I move on to another story. There are dozens more waiting in the files.

  1. The Reason

When I began blogging, I found the unique challenge of concentrating my exposition to roughly 300 words at a time, just so it wouldn’t get too long and boring. (My interviews are always longer, though.) Now I see a blog and scan it for numbers or bullet points. The easy way of grabbing the highlights instead of in-depth reading. The shorter, the more succinct, the better.

I know the main reason: way too much content for my brain to consume. And from that comes the practice of “reading triage.” Can’t read it all. Pick the best, the simplest to take in.

  1. The Response

So, I’ve started to do the same in my missives. Make it short, make it worthwhile, make it memorable. It’s just the way of today. Happy reading!

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